These 11 Apps Will Get You Ready For Your New 2020 M1 Mac


M1 MAC: This year is the high-speed year that marks the introduction of the first Macs to be powered by Apple’s own silicon instead of Intel chips.

In all the reviews of the M1 MacBook Air, 13_inch MacBook Pro, and Mac_Mini.

Seemingly, these machines are veritable to execute jobs, very incredible and powerful.

These machines also offer wicked fast performance.

Undoubtedly, this is very true for apps that are designed to run natively on them and take full advantage of Apple’s latest technologies.

With this, this year’s Mac apps list is going to do is on some of the software that has already been optimized for this new era of Apple hardware.

The pick of last year is lasting and as relevant till today, very useful if you are on an Intel machine.

If you have intrinsic knowledge or gifted, then one of these new speed_demon Macs, these are a few great ways of sampling what they can do.

Here are ten useful apps that are prepared for your new Mac_1.


This is a highly recommended app for best image editing for MAC. It has the normal set of Raw editing tools, presets, sophisticated layer editing, and photo filters, and also makes it easy to control every detail of your images.

Now the question is, what sets Pixelmator pro apart are the automatic adjustments it can make through a machine learning algorithmic that has been trained with the 20 million photos.

The trending update here allows greater customizability over the interface. This also lets you put everything where it makes the most sense of your workflow.

Adding to the creatine and evolving apps the world discovered.


Lightroom is actually the first of Adobes’s M1 silicon.

To other people, it is a default choice of Editing and organizing their photo that., it is the default choice for editing and organizing their photo collection.

Currently, this app has been updated to leverage the power of Apple’s M1 chips to make that editing go even very easier.

Microsoft Edge currently has M1 support in its beta channel, so that shouldn’t be too far off either.


There are two major browsees_CHEOME AND FIREFOX). These apps have already been updated to run natively on M1 MACS, therefore, you shouldn’t encounter any issues on irregular performance drops when using either.

When it comes to chrome, make sure you select MAC with Apple chip, while downloading, otherwise you will end up installing the Intel version, which will still run but not as efficiently.


Perhaps, Apple’s Built_in calendar isn’t doing it for you, you can actually seek out for fantastical, an app that gets you covered.

A mare sentence can be turned into a more advanced English Grammarly. It turns your boring sentence into a well-defined one.

You can set your calendar view in the way you want it, and it also has widgets that you can pop into your Mac’s Today sidebar.

There’s actually a basic free version; the Premium version, which starts at $4.99 a month.

It also offers additional features like the ability to ask for tasks, full-screen views, and calendars syncing.


A wonderful app like Microsoft allows you to type, it has quickly updated its entire Mac suite to fully optimize word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote for M1.

When you use this app, you will notice the very speedy performance when doing work with them.

Some people will prefer this app over Apple’s own productive apps like Pages and Numbers.

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Let me tell you that the Twitter app for macOS has actually gotten very good. Though it took some polishing and bug fixes to reach this poi, Twitter for Mac is full_featured, responsive, and not crashed as before.


This is a great app manager for digging into everything residing in your iPhone or iPad.

You can also create backups different from the regular Apple ones and grab your messages, photos, music, and more right off the device.


Have you got a cluttered mess of a menu bar at the top of your Mac’s screen? The bartender can help you bring order to things.

As a long time favorite MacOS utility of ours, this app lets you neatly of ours.

The bartender lets you neatly hide everything under one Menu bar icon to ease up on the chaos.

What you do is set triggers so that certain icons only show at those times when it makes the most sense.


This veritable app lets you separate the various parts of a song’s vocals, instrumentation, and beats, it listens to them individually.

If you like, you can change the tempo of a song without running the pitch.

This apps is a pricey and recommendable app.


Here’s good news, if you think that you’ve got the new 13_inch MacBook pro with Apple’s M1 chip, well, that means that you’ve also got the love it or hate it touch bar above your keyboard.

This tool is a utility that gives you even greater flexibility over what goes where and when using the touch bar. This allows you to quickly tap useful shortcuts for your most important apps.


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