Apple Finally Reopens Its US Retail Stores For The First Time In Nearly A Year


Every Apple Store location within the US has reopened as of recently, during the time period before the day of the first time store closures because of the coronavirus pandemic that began on March 13th, 2020.

The news, according to 9to5Mac, coincides with the last of Apple’s TX retail stores reopening on Monday. Apple also confirmed to The Verge that all 270 US Apple Store locations have open in some capability for either in-store looking or on-line order pickup.

This is correlational statistics with the speed of COVID-19 cases and deaths within the US; Apple, in different cases, follows some native health tips and has preemptively closed its retail stores in some places.

However, it will signal that Apple feels assured in its restrictions on in-store looking at sure locations and also its place in situ, that embrace mandated face masks and restricted occupancy.

Apple Finally Reopens Its US Retail Stores For The First Time In Nearly A Year

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook declared nearly a year past that the corporate would close all of its retail locations outside of ground China till further notice.

Recently, Apple had been coming up with its COVID-19 mitigation strategy for its China network of stores, which had first started closing on Gregorian calendar month 1st prior to the coronavirus’s widespread eruption within the US.

On March 17th, Apple actually saw that it would keep all retail stores outside China closed indefinitely as COVID-19 cases spread around the world.

In some cases, stores were opened in restricted capability solely to shut once more soon, whereas others stayed shut for extended periods of time.

Apple began implementing its official reopening strategy within the US in early May and that carried on for months through the summer into the autumn.

However, Apple has shown a disposition to act quickly in responding to ever-changing conditions.

In Dec 2020, it shuttered each store in Golden State and London as case numbers surged through the vacations. Earlier last month, Apple temporally closed each store within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.



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