Just In: WhatsApp desktop app now has video and voice calls


WhatsApp desktop app for PC is getting voice and video today. The company specifically announced end-to-end encrypted calls to different WhatsApp users on both computers and mobile devices.

Voice and video calling is not actually a new idea plan for WhatsApp: the mobile apps for Android and iOS were already conceived and started providing that feature, and WhatsApp began to roll out the desktop calling feature to little small users at the end of last year.

Just In: WhatsApp desktop app now has video and voice calls

Moreover, today’s launch implies that the feature is available to all WhatsApp users on desktop, adding calling as the most ubiquitous feature across all WhatsApp devices.

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And just like the existing video calling feature, the new desktop calling feature guarantees similar end-to-end encryption that means that WhatsApp and Facebook can’t see or hear your calls.

The biggest missing feature is that, before you start, the desktop will actually support one on one call, not group calls. WhatsApp will promise that it’ll actually be increasing to add group calls and video calls in the long run. Apparently, a date hasn’t been disclosed yet.

To use the new video calling feature, you’ll have to set up the WhatsApp desktop app on either mac or laptop, which needs that you simply already be a WhatsApp user on mobile. Once you’ve put the app on your device, users just need to scan a QR code to access the desktop app, afterwards, they’ll be able to use the desktop version of WhatsApp with their usual account.


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