Just In: WhatsApp Is working on password-protected encrypted chat backups


WhatsApp is reportedly working on how to make the protection of its cloud backups go high, with a new password protection feature that’ll write chat backups, creating them accessible solely to the user.


WABetaInfo also reported on the work-in-progress feature last year, and now, it shared screenshots of however it works within the service’s iOS and in Androids apps.


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“To restrict unauthorized access to your iCloud Drive backup, you’ll set a password which will be attached with future backups,” one among the screenshots says. “These passwords are needed after you restore from the backup.”

Just In: WhatsApp Is working on password-protected encrypted chat backups

The app then asks the user to verify their number, and choose a password that’s a minimum of eight characters long.

Although WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, which means they’re only visible to the sender and recipient, the service warns that this protection doesn’t touch on-line backups hold on on Google Drive and iCloud.


Once on these servers, the protection of the backups is that the responsibility of the cloud service suppliers, who within the past have created them accessible to enforcement authorities with valid search warrants.


Encrypting the backups with a password only you can recognize would in theory restore anyone from accessing your chat history while not your authorization.


These latest reports concerning the feature come back as WhatsApp’s name has taken success from a new privacy policy, that has set in fears that it’s going to store additional info with parent company Facebook.


Although WhatsApp insists the new policy doesn’t have an effect on the protection of users’ personal messages, rival electronic messaging services like Signal and message have seen a surge in interest as users explore different choices.


WhatsApp declined to touch upon the unannounced feature when contacted by The Verge, but WABetaInfo has a good track of unearthing features before they become official.


It’s spotted features like adding contacts via QR codes or disappearing messages long before their official announcements.


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