TikTok Talks About Posting ‘Inappropriate or Unkind’ Comments


TikTok is rolling out a pop-up now and it planned to warn users before they post a comment which may be “inappropriate or unkind.”

The new feature is one in 2 being announced that are designed to “promote kindness” for the service. Another is Filter All Comments, in order that they are seen once approved.

The new unkind warning seems if TikTok believes a comment may violate its community terms. “Would you prefer to posting this?” The pop-up box reads, before encouraging users to “Edit” it, or “Post anyway.”

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It has also been explored by other social networks to curtail bullying and harassment. Instagram adopted similar prompts back in 2019, Twitter declared it was testing them last year, and they’ve also been spotted on Facebook.

Instagram carries a rumored that results from introducing the prompt had been “promising” which it found “these varieties of nudges will encourage individuals to rethink their words once given an opportunity.”

The toggle is on the Comments filters menu.

After approving the feature, users should then manually approve comments on their videos.

The new Filter All Comments feature will be enabled within the Comments filters menu, which already permits users to filter spam and offensive comments, or filter supported specific keywords.

Once enabled, creators need to manually approve individual comments before they seem under their videos.

As part of today’s announcement, TikTok has conjointly declared it’s partnering with the Cyberbullying Center as it works on a lot of anti-bullying initiatives.


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