Do You Know How To Auto-Delete Your YouTube History??, Read This!!


YOUTUBE: Online privacy or the lack thereof has become a pressing issue that needs to be attended to. As a result, more and more services are actually adding features that speak to their users’ privacy concerns.

If you are actually a YouTube viewer (and who isn’t these days?), one of the big concerns is probably your viewing history, which can actually tell marketers and other third parties often about you than you probably want them to know.

Another way to avoid this type of intrusion is to take away history.

The only way to set your personal YouTube account to automatically delete your history:

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Delve into the Activity controls for your YouTube history. You can actually follow this link to get there directly, or you can also get started from your actual Google account page.

Under the YouTube History, you will see two boxes. The right-hand box helps you know if and when your history of YouTube viewing and searching will be erased.

If you’ve always been invisible on this page before, it will actually say “Keeping activity until you delete it manually.” punch just below that on the link that reads “Choose to delete automatically.”

You could actually select to have Google delete your YouTube history after three months or after 18 months.

And you’re done!

Actually, if you’d rather make things easier, and not really save your history at all, you can do that as well. Begin in the YouTube History page well reversed and look at the left-hand box; it will say whether your YouTube history is on or off. If it’s on and you want it to be off:

Choose and click on “Change setting”

You will see two checkboxes, one that says “Include the YouTube videos you watch” and the other that says “Includes your searches on YouTube.” If you uncheck either, you will pause the collection of that particular history.

If you actually want to pause both, move the toggle high them to the “off” position.

And again, if you want to just get rid of your entire viewing history right away:

Erase your activity for the very last hour, the last day, for all time, or within a custom range. There is also a link that will take you to the same automatic select choices that we described earlier.



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