Just In : China Banned The BBC From Operating In Their Country.


BBC: There was one less TV channel for China’s 1.4 billion individuals to tune into throughout this lunar New Year once the state stopped the BBC from broadcasting to its voters.

China’s National Radio and tv Administration also added weekday that it won’t enable BBC World News to continue airing within China and in Hong Kong. It suspects the BBC of failing to fulfill the need for news to be accurate and truthful and suspects it of damaging China’s national interests.

The BBC aforementioned in an exceeding statement: “The BBC is that the world’s most sure international news broadcaster and reports on stories around the world fairly, impartially and without the fear of dying or favor.”

It also said in a statement: “We are saddened that the Chinese authorities have determined to require this course of action.”

The BBC has recently uncovered a number of sensitive news in China, as well as its treatment of the minority Uighur individuals in China’s state province.

On Feb. 2, the BBC reported on the alleged rape and torture of the female counterparts in “re-education” camps for Uighurs. The Chinese government told the BBC the allegations were “completely groundless.” It added the “centers” in Jinjiang are designed to fight the notion and develop Uighurs’ job skills.

Tim Davie, the top of the BBC, hit back at China’s call on Saturday, deliberating on “media freedom matters.”

He also added that: “It is of deep concern once our journalists are actually restricted and their work curtailed.”

British Foreign Secretary Domingo de Guzman Raab added on Thursday, that China’s call to ban BBC World News in mainland China is “unacceptable curtailing” of media freedom.

Just In : China Banned The BBC From Operating In Their Country.

BBC workers, who are asked to stay anonymous thanks to the sensitive nature of the discussion, told CNBC that it’s “obviously worrying for the audience over there that a neutral news service has gone.”

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Meanwhile, Matthew Brennan, a China-based technology analyst revealed that the block may be a shame, however not really surprising.

China’s Xi called for a multilateral approach to international challenges, warns against ‘arrogant isolation’


The ban comes after Ofcom, the U.K.’s media regulator, withdrew the license for CGTN, which is China’s English language news channel.

Ofcom also added on February 4th that CGTN had filed dishonorable owner statements and is “ultimately controlled by the Chinese party.”

Richard Sambrook, the previous director of the BBC’s Global News division, which was accountable for leading the BBC’s international news services, told CNBC that the BBC ban may be direct response.

Sambrook also added that,: “The moves will maybe best be seen to as a reflection of relationships between the U.K. and China in line with a shift in relationships between China and therefore the West more broadly”.

Sambrook added that BBC World News, which is a commercial operation, can lose out on some financial gain as a result of the ban.

Rasmus Nielsen, director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, aforementioned the BBC decisions can’t be compared to the CGTN call.

While the Ofcom call was concerning the ownership structure of CGTN, China’s call to block the BBC was to with content, Nielsen aforementioned.

Nielsen indicated that anyone within the U.K. will still access CGTN, they only can’t watch it on TV.

“It’s necessary to get that whereas symbolically necessary, tv distribution is trivial very in terms of CGTN’s reach within the U.K. and beyond,” Nielsen said, adding that the channel had but 1,000,000 viewers, that is a smaller amount than 1/2 the Sky Cinema Sci-Fi Horror channel.

“The real audience for that outlet is arguably on-line and therefore the Ofcom call doesn’t amendment something concerning anyone’s ability to access CGTN content on its website, via Facebook, via Twitter, via YouTube, or the other means.”


Kerry Allen, a Chinese media analyst at BBC News UN agency interprets, writes, edits, and broadcasts stories that have a Chinese media angle indicated that the most recent move won’t have a large impact on individuals in China.

“It (the BBC World News TV channel) will only be found in hotels and diplomatic compounds, and viewers will be aware of seeing the screen suddenly flip black once China stories will be reported, she said.

“Chinese media have recently needed to paint an image of the U.K. suppressing Chinese voices, and instead of highlighting demanding reports on China,” said Allen. “There’s a precise irony in government media taking this stance, as this is often one thing that China has already done long-run censored as any media organization that contradicts government rhetoric, and stories that paint China in an exceedingly negative light.”


Nielsen added that China’s decision to ban BBC World News is a lot of to do with politics than it’s to do with the media.

He also added that it can’t also be seen as something however a “warning shot that any style of restrictions on China’s ability to project soft power overseas is often met with similar steps in China itself.”

“I actually think each international media and international journalists are thinking about to what degree and for how way long they will be able to report from the land especially if they report on the pressing issues that the Chinese government considers sensitive or controversial .”


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