2020 BMW M2 CS review: A Must Read


BMW M2 CS has been a thing of competition that everyone just wants to jazzed about the M2 CS.

This one is actually faster and sharper than the standard competition, and a little bit lighter, too.

This is a more focused version of an already delightful performance car. You can get this one with gold wheels, very awesome.

Both the CS uses the same 3.0 liter twin-turbo 16 as the M2 comp, BMW’s S55 engine for your internal code nerds.

Another one. Is Horsepower which jumps from 405 in the competition to 444 in the CS, but both cars make an identical 406-pound foot of torque.

This low-end thrust fully arrives at 2,350 rpm, meaning there’s a little in the way of lag when launching.

The CS then gets you off guard with an automatic, oh! And the DCT options add $2900 to the C’S bottom line.

It makes the M2 CS 0.2 seconds quicker to mph than the manual car, but seriously, who cares, I’ll take driver engagement over bragging rights any day.

BMW’s Adaptive M suspension tech comes standard on the CS, but it doesn’t do much to really distance this car from the M2 Competition.

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You can toggle between Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus settings, all of which are pretty stiff. But honestly, there isn’t enough of a meaningful difference between the three modes to really warrant frequent fiddling. Maybe Sport Plus is slightly better than Sport on a race track. Maybe.

The CS is a real sweetie and it only furthers my love for the M2 line as a whole. Problem is, it costs $84,595 including $995 for the destination, making it $24,700 more expensive than a base M2 Competition.

Add in the premium paint, dual-clutch transmission, and ceramic brakes — all of which are fitted to my test car — and you’re looking at $96,545.

That’s a bunch of money for a 2 Series and puts the M2 CS well into the territory of much more capable sports cars. If I’m spending that much, I’m getting a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS with the new 4.0-liter engine.

On the other hand, a 2021 BMW M2 Competition painted in Long Beach Blue with the manual transmission and Executive Package slides in at $61,645 including destination.

And since the CS’ tweaks don’t really raise the M2’s performance to a new level, it’s hard to argue against that kind of value. Besides, the M2 CS is a one-year, limited-run deal and I’m sure the vast majority of the US allotment is already spoken for.

The CS is great, but as I said earlier, the M2 Comp is my favorite BMW. Guess I’ll just need to source a set of gold wheels.

The speed of this M2 is wow, I think that is why people are getting it at a click, that is why people are also going for it without hesitations.

You never can imagine its features and what it has it stock, the steering too is also good, like you don’t need to throttle before moving, you just have your key on and it speeds.


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