6 of the Best YouTube & Video Optimization Tools to Boost Your Views


YOUTUBE: You can very much be a happier person if you use these tools to boost your views. It is always a thing of excitement that you have something worth sharing and something worth reading and something worth receiving feedback.

Are you looking for nifty tools to make sure that your YouTube videos stand out?

Here are six optimization tools to help you boost your views.

There are one and thousand people in the world to view your videos and drive traffic, the solution is being able to produce the right content to drool your audience.


What makes your videos to be dragged by the audience at first is the keyword research.

It helps you to uncover wonderful topics that they are likely to be interested in.

Adding to this, the right keywords will help to drive relevant traffic to your videos.

A keyword tool is a veritable tool that can help you find useful keywords from the YouTube autocomplete database.

Everything is entering the right keyword and it will show you keyword suggestions along with questions, prepositions, and hashtags.


While arranging your videos, most times you just need to arrange them and do some recordings particularly if you are creating how-to, demos, or tutorial videos.

Using your phone recorder can make your work look unprofessional and this can make your videos.

You need a tool like Camtasia to smart your videos along with the movement of your mouse and keystrokes.

With this, you can edit your recordings, add effects, notes, and annotations such as arrows, captions, or highlight.

It also enables you to add voice narration or music to your recordings.

6 of the Best YouTube & Video Optimization Tools to Boost Your Views


Canvas is one design too that can drive traffic with your videos, your videos depend on how attractive it is, how great, and eye-catchy it looks.

You need to create professional and high relevant thumbnails for your videos.

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Tube buddy gives you the opportunity to monitor your videos, see when you come online to reply to the comments on your videos.

Here’s where TubeBuddy can help you.TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that allows you to manage your YouTube channel directly without having to switch between tabs.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can filter the comments on your YouTube videos – those that need to be responded to, those that need follow-up replies, questions, positive sentiment, negative sentiment, and so on.

Tube Buddy allows you to save time and also be productive.


To drive traffic with your audience, it is pertinent to share your YouTube videos on social media platforms.

This app allows you to promote your videos simultaneously across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with a single click from an easy to use platform.

It promotes your videos at a click and allows you to drive traffic.


This bus one of the tools to have in your arsenal.

It can provide you with powerful insights about who’s watching your videos so that you can create content that’s tailor-made for your target audience.

vidIQ can help you find out the most favorable time to publish your content and can provide other useful insights about your videos and channel.

With these six great tools, you can explore


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