Apple Adds Dinosaurs, Mermaids And Wizard Emojis To iOS11


Emojis Hundreds more emoji are coming to your iPhone soon. Apple says it’s adding “more emotive smiley faces” as well as gender-neutral icons, more food and (importantly) mythical creatures — in time for Halloween, we hope. The series is coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1, which will launch next week, early, for developers and public beta testers. If the emoji additions sound familiar, that’s because Apple had teased these back in July. It appears the company is going beyond the 56 Unicode consortium-approved emoji, but that’s likely explained by skin color and hair variants — we haven’t glimpsed the entire set yet. But now that there’s a gyoza emoji, all is well.
Well, let’s look at some of them;

These mythical emoji are presumably designed to expedite the process of arranging D&D sessions. This is made up of a mermaid, a fairy and lots more

Smiley faces get a whole lot more expressive in Unicode 10, running the gamut from foul-mouthed anger to calm pleas for silence.

The Chinese takeout box emoji joins the long-awaited dumpling emoji in Unicode 10, along with broccoli and a pie of unknown provenance.

Autumn is here, winter is coming, and emoji are preparing you for the cold season with characters including gloves, a scarf, a trenchcoat, and a baseball cap.

The animals section is growing with the addition of a giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, what looks like a Brachiosaurus, and an insect that I think is a cricket but might be a grasshopper. If there are any paleontologists or entomologists reading, let me know your thoughts

These emoji are designed to be gender-neutral and will be available in various skin tones

Of course, for those waiting around for those animated emoji, you’ve still got some time on your hands: the iPhone X isn’t out until November.


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