Do You Know That Arizona Is The First State To Put Its Driver’s License And State ID In Apple’s Wallet


Apple said Wednesday that the first state to use its digital driver’s licence and state ID is Arizona. With today’s announcement, Apple stated that Arizonans may now use their iPhones and Apple Watches to produce their driver’s licence or state ID with convenience and security at certain TSA security checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport.

It’s easy to add your Arizona driver’s licence or ID to Wallet from the app if you reside there. Apple says you’ll be asked to perform a series of facial and head gestures throughout the setup process after taking images of the front and back of your licence or ID. Apple does not approve requests to add licences or IDs to Wallet; instead, the firm claims Arizona will be accountable for that.

In order to present TSA your digital licence or ID at the airport, according to Apple, this is the process:

Rather than needing to unlock their iPhone or produce their ID card, customers will be informed of the information the TSA is requesting on their Apple Watch or iPhone. Users don’t have to display or give up their devices to prove their identity since all information is exchanged digitally.

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According to Apple, “the TSA will also snap an image of the passenger for verification reasons” as part of this procedure. TSA officials have been contacted, and they’ve been requested to provide further information on where these images are stored, how they may be kept secret, and whether or not they will be permanently removed.

According to a TSA news release, the functionality will initially be available exclusively to passengers who are currently utilising PSA PreCheck at Phoenix International Airport. Drivers and passengers alike “must” have a physical driver’s licence or ID on them at all times in the event of an emergency.

Apple representative Heather Norton tells The Verge that Wallet will support real ID-compliant identity cards. Starting in May 2023, you’ll have to travel domestically using one of these (though that deadline has already been pushed a couple of times).

When it comes to replacing your wallet, Apple has lately increased its efforts, albeit many of its projects have been accessible only intermittently. “Select states at select TSA check locations inside Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport (PHX)” is the small print for Apple’s digital licence / IDs at this time. Some Hyatt properties now provide digital room keys. Only if your healthcare provider or health authority authorizes the functionality may you upload a COVID-19 immunization card to Wallet.

According to Apple’s website, several BMW vehicles as well as some Genesis cars and one Kia automobile are compatible with the company’s digital car keys. There is no word yet on whether or not the functionality has been completely pushed out, but a Kia representative assured MacRumors that additional information will be shared in “the coming weeks.”

Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico’s territory, and Utah are among the states that Apple claims will provide the driver’s license and ID functionality “soon.”