The best deals and coupons online can be found with these 4 tools


COUPONS: Amazon which is popularly known as an African shopping giant with the lowest price on every product, Amazon is the best place to find the best deal.

This is a place you would find exquisite products, affordable, and most valuable.


This one compares prices between Amazon, Amazon is third party sellers, and other online retailers, factoring in estimated shipping costs and prime status to find the best deal.

The moment you install the browser extension, whether on chrome, Firefox, Safari, opera, or edge and navigate to a product page on Amazon, you will see the H icon appear over the product photo.

When you click, it will take you to the Droplist feature, which shows the price history and lets you set an alert for drops.

You can be very much confident if you see the tag that says “BEST DEAL” Amazon offers a lower price.

You can also search for products through the extension or on Honey’s website to see current and historical pricing, coupons, and availability on a range of e-commerce sites such as Walmart, JCPenney, and Home Depot.


This is another big seller that offers price comparisons and coupons, but with a slightly different interface.

When you install it on chrome or Firefox, when you navigate to an online shopping site, a yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen.

It will appear as available deals and coupons on the site, and if a better price is available elsewhere.

When you navigate to an item on Amazon, click “compare prices” on the bar at the top to see where else it’s available, along with the base price, shipping costs, and total price. If Amazon has the best price, the bar will say “next best price.” If it doesn’t, it will say “Savings found! Buy this for less” and list the amount and the other site.

PriceBlink also lets you track pricing over time and add items to your wish list, as well as find coupons on its website.

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POP CART actually compares products across three dimensions.

If you are shopping for a bottle of dishwater detergent, you will see different retailers, packaging options like 100 ounces versus a 150-ounce bottle, and variations like meadow fresh versus unscented instead of just matching barcodes.

When you pay for any product, it helps break down instead of being complicated, even when the wave of COVID19 was pulling businesses down, the port cart has decided to add a supply finder to alert you when unavailable items are restocked.


What does Octo shop help you do, it checks inventory across stores to help you track down a product that is frequently out of stock?

It isn’t helpful as most of the others on the list in terms of telling you at a glance if you’ve got the best price. All you have to do is click on the OCTOSHOP icon to see that instead of having it appear automatically, but once you do, it makes it easier to toggle on different options.

After you install the browser extension, the OctoShop tab will appear above Amazon’s price. Click it to see if you’re getting the best price, and where else the item is available. You can set alerts for price drops and in-stock notifications from different retailers.


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