Best gift items for tech lovers


Getting a gift item for tech lovers can be a bit tricky. It’s no surprise that we all love getting surprises. In most cases, these surprises can come as events, items or visits. It could be an invitation to Disneyland, or a surprised birthday party or in most cases gift items. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to pick out the best gifts for someone, and at one point or the other, we have gotten gifts that we really appreciate but don’t like. We all have. I can’t help you pick out the best gift for everyone but today, I will give you a great insight on the perfect gift for tech lovers. So my friend, sit tight, grab a glass of water or a cup of coffee and relax as we dive right into it.

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Think about it, what better gift could you possibly gift a tech lover if not a speedy, reliably Wifi. The Eero wifi router is second to none. With the use of multiple nodes or access points it covers every spot of your home, from the garage to the backyard or even basement. So it doesn’t matter if you are downstairs or on the 2nd floor, Eero has got you covered for it blankets your house with Wifi signal. It is an easy to install and set up router and it is quite easy to manage. Eero isn’t the fastest router out there, but if you are looking for strong wifi signal, then this is your best pick.


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Sonos move speaker

Move is a powerful, durable battery powered bluetooth speaker. You can say it is a grab and go device because it fits seamlessly into the included charging base and has a comfortable handle, making it easy to carry. Now let me wow you, Move speaker features a great sound in the outdoors, has voice control over wifi as google assistant and amazon alexa are built right in, is water resistant and drop resistant. That means being outdoor or at the pool would not stop you from listening and dancing to your favorite songs.


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Apple Watch Series 5

One thing we know about tech lovers is that they are always glued to their screen. Now think about it, what if that screen can be carried about and is easily accessible to them. You will say “that’s what smartphones are for” and yes i agree with you. But how about something smaller and wearable. That’s were the Apple series 5 watch comes in. The Apple Watch Series 5 is, simply, the best smartwatch on the market. It takes everything that was great about the Series 4 – stylish looks, great fitness features, potentially life-saving health tools, slick notifications and apps – and adds that lovely always-on screen. Apple provides loads of watch faces, which are all infinitely tweak-able in color, with many having dial customization. You should definitely get one of these.


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Bose noise canceling headphone 700

Enjoy you favourite playlist and take calls with zero noise interference. The bose headphone delivers everything you can ever imagine. Your calls are seamless as the headphone features an unrivaled four-microphone system that picks up and filters your voice from the noise in the background. What can possibly beat tuning the world out and diving into your favourite playlist, enjoying your best genre of music. Nothing does.

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Casper the glow light

For most people, lights keep us up. Even bedroom lights do, now here in front of you is a light that puts you to sleep. Isn’t it awesome?! Most techies are up most nights blogging, chatting, playing video games, editing and a whole lot more. This would be a life saver for these tired techies. I bet you they will be obsessed over this bedside glow light. Built with dimming light effect that helps you doze of gradually without interruption. It softly lulls you to sleep and gently wakes you up by filling the room with soft lights for an easy morning rise. But just in case you don’t want to sleep yet, here is a fun fact, the ambient light sensor lets you use glow in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. So for those who love midnight snacks, you can find your midnight snack with just enough light.


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