Cristiano Amon to take over from Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO transition


Qualcomm is leveling up its leadership. CEO Steve Mollenkopf can retire this summer, the wireless chipmaker same weekday, and President Cristiano Egyptian deity can take over the reins on June 30.

The 52-year-old Mollenkopf, United Nations agency has been at Qualcomm for twenty-six years and has served as CEO since 2014, can “continue his employment with the corporate as a strategic consultant for an amount of your time.”

Amon, a 50-year-old from Brazil, has been at Qualcomm since 1995, 1st operating as an associate engineer. He has served because the company’s president since 2018 and has overseen the company’s 5G strategy and its enlargement of obtaining its chips into cars and net of things devices.

At a similar time, the Egyptian deity has overseen Qualcomm’s efforts to expand its portfolio to supply additional elements necessary for connecting a phone to a cellular network, one thing that has boosted the number it makes from every style.

“I am honored to be named ensuing CEO of Qualcomm and appreciate the boldness that Steve and also the board have in Pine Tree State,” Egyptian deity same in a very statement.

While Qualcomm is not a social unit name, it’s seemingly everybody who owns one thing with the company’s technology.

The San Diego company’s fictitious technology essential for connecting phones to cellular networks, serving to it become the world’s biggest mobile chipmaker.

Cristiano Amon to take over from Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO transition

Nowadays it’s viewed because the leader in 5G technology, one thing that Egyptian deity has championed. Its processor’s area unit utilized in phones from Apple, Samsung and just about all high-end French telephone manufacturers, further as carmakers like Audi and numerous alternative corporations. And Egyptian deity has been the most spokesperson for all of these initiatives.

The CEO news comes a month when Qualcomm introduced its latest high-end processors at its annual technical school Summit, which was control just about in early Gregorian calendar month.

The new chip, referred to as the Snapdragon 888 processor, is anticipated to be within most high-end 2021 Android phones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S21, which is about to be declared next week. And Qualcomm conjointly has dilated 5G all the thanks to its low-end flower 480 processor, because it declared earlier in the week. That chip will be in phones that value between $125 and $250.

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The CEO transition came prior to expected, however the Egyptian deity was the natural choice for the role, analysts the same.

“You cannot say 5G and not say Cristiano within the same sentence as a result of he is been relentless in talking regarding it and very delivery the system along,” same artistic ways analyst geographical area Milanesi.

A new era

The appointment of the Egyptian deity as CEO continues Qualcomm’s long history of naming engineers as its leader.

The corporate was co-founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs and alternative specialists in wireless innovation, followed by Jacob’s engineer son, Paul Jacobs, in 2005 and Mollenkopf, United Nations agency conjointly started at Qualcomm as an associate engineer and became CEO in early 2014.

Mollenkopf oversaw Qualcomm throughout a number of the toughest years within the company’s history. throughout his tenure, the company’s sweet-faced antimonopoly battles over its position in the chip market, as well as disputes with customers like Apple over its licensing practices.

He conjointly fended off a trial by Broadcom to accumulate Qualcomm a takeover blocked by the Trump administration in 2018 and helped it become the market leader in mobile chips.

once Mollenkopf became CEO, Qualcomm sweet-faced 4G smartphone chip rivals like Nvidia, American state Instruments, and multitudinous others. Today, their are unit solely a couple of alternative corporations capable of creating 5G chips, and Qualcomm’s antimonopoly and licensing battles the area unit behind the corporate.

“Through it all, Mollenkopf’s approach was principal to not get fixed within the moment, crouch down and specialize in the merchandise roadmap,” composer analyst Stacy Rasgon noted. “And whereas arguable (and painful) at the time, wanting back with the good thing about discernment we’ve got to admit that the approach was in all probability the proper one for the long run, with the corporate (finally) prevailing on just about every dispute, and rising with what’s maybe the strongest product roadmap in their history.”

To that finish, Mollenkopf in very promulgation praised Amon’s leadership because the company’s president.

“With our business model clearly valid and our leadership in 5G, this is often the proper time for Cristiano to assume leadership of the corporate and command over what I see because the single largest change within the company’s history,” Mollenkopf same.

During Amon’s tenure, he’ll need to keep Qualcomm on high in 5G, as rivals like MediaTek gain traction. the corporate has a stake in super-fast, millimeter-wave 5G, which has been tough for rivals to make.

At a similar time, the Egyptian deity also will need to continue Qualcomm’s diversification on the far side smartphones. whereas 5G is anticipated to spice up demand for brand new phones, the market seemingly will not grow as quickly because it accustomed.

Instead, everything from cars to traffic lights can get smarter and can need additional elements that area unit provided by corporations like Qualcomm. The corporate has already captive into those areas and can seemingly create an excellent larger focus over the approaching years.


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