Currently DJI Is Selling Warranty To Replace Your Drone If It Flies Away


It is no news that DJI is now distributing a warranty to serve as a replacement to your drone, para venture it flies away.

DJI is also offering flyaway coverage for its current mini 2 and Mavic Air,2drones, this is more essential to develop a mind of their own and take off.

The cost of replacing the escaped drone is $225 for the Mini, and $399 for the Mavic, which is on top of the price of DJI’s Care Refresh extended warranty.

For this offer, you will have to pay $50 for the mini, and also pay $80 for the Mavic. If perhaps you have one of the drones and the extended warranty, you are eligible for this flyaway replacement going forward.

The advantages of this warranty make you replace your drone if you damage it twice every year for $59 only.

For this flyaway coverage too, there’s definitely can one-time limit if your replacement also goes AWOL like every other, you will certainly be on a hook to replace it. Although there is a two-year version warranty that will cost more and covers three accidents and two flyways.

The replacement costs are rather too high compared to a thing like Apple Care plus with theft and many kids, while the new drone is half of the price of a new one.

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What DJI’s coverage does is that it doesn’t cover you if your drone actually gets stolen or lost, this is if only it is taken by the sky, but it is more or less cost to start when you add this theft and loss coverage to an iPhone 12, it is $219, or $269 for an iPhone 12 pro.

In the first place, you might think that the drones might not fly away on their own.

Some of the accident are actually inevitable when flying in complex Environments, or in locations with signals interference, winds blow, or obstructed view, said DJI on his official page.

If I was actually getting an expensive drone, I would probably hope that it would know what to do in most of those situations (Though these winds seem like a valid factor in a flyway event).

It is obvious DJI has made progress in this regard, though Googling “drone flyaway” brings up several stories from 2018 and before,

But they actually seem to be scarce these days, but if you are actually worried about losing your nice drone, it will be better to have more options, should it ever decide to slip the surly bonds of Earth to check out places the great drone factory in the sky.


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