Finally, YouTube enables HDR support on Xbox consoles


There’s a reason why YouTube is enabling HDR support system on XBOX CONSOLES. HDR is the best content evolving unit that helps to amplify the volume of videos and images. A few times now, you will get to see that the videos and images you see on your TV will be better than the ones you watch in the Cinema because of HDR.

This is more reason YouTube is intending to amplify it to enable high-standard video and pictures to horn the ability of prospects and clients to buy from them.

With this, YouTube is conclusively allowing the HDR support on Microsoft’s XBOX CONSOLES. This console also works across the already existing XBOX s/x devices and new consoles like the Xbox series and series S.

Inasmuch as you have a TV monitor that explores in displaying HDR videos, the YouTube app will instantly switch itself to output HDR content.

Over time, the YouTube app on Xbox has never supported HDR before regardless of HDR being available on the PlayStation 4 since 2019.

PS5 and Xbox series X that was launched in November without YouTube HDR support, and also not available on the PS5 yet a step back from what was available on PS4.

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The Engadget specified that you can actually confirm that HDR is outputting correctly from the YouTube app on Xbox by enabling the stats and Needs panel.

Seemingly, a lot of TVs will also display an HDR prompt or switch to an HDR mode when the content is played.

Currently, there’s a need to fire more HDR content to become available on YouTube cost of the HDR content on YouTube is still test videos that were uploaded years ago.

As it stands, we are actually seeing more trailers and videos come with HDR options, but the vast majority of creators don’t upload content with HDR.

What is your take on the new evolvement big the HDR system? It is seeming that HDR will now come with the new set of amplified videos without connecting into the live Xbox Microsoft.

This new supports on the console will also enhance the availability of multiple videos to Explore with. Let’s adapt to the new HDR system and see the process.


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