Follow These 19 Guidelines To Perfect Your Visual Strategy On Social Media


Beautifying a visual strategy for social media is essential to building an authentic experience for users.

Here are 19 tips to follow.

Beautifying your visual content on social media is a perfect way to hold attention.

The core tips are.


Working as great as you can actually predefine
Pre-defining categories lay the foundation for a successful visual strategy.

It allows for organization, and they ensure posts are diverse in content social media days are great, but not every post can celebrate avocados.

Another important, categories enable your feed to be visually diverse, and organizationally stunning.

It’s important the client feels their brand is still generating business as well as awareness, and preselecting content categories are a seemingly simple, but crucial step to making that happen.


Presuming posts are going out 3-5 times per week, per platform, there is no way to post for 12 categories more than twice a month.

This actually leaves for a lot of confusion for your strategists and art directors, as well as a content schedule that lacks diversity.

Other categories can be combined under one, and a good rule of thumb is to have no more than 6 maximum.


Just put yourself as a person agency or a larger shop, this process will help you ensure your visual strategy is implemented and maintained.

What you actually do like process, process gives you the room you need to focus on selecting or designing the best possible imagery.

Once you are consistent every month, the groundwork will be more effective.


Snapchat is a big visual element use in creating content, a great tool that has diverse features.

One forward thing about it though is that you can’t use can’t display a full video without calling someone to hold the camera for you.

If you must make a full video, you will have to call someone to help you hold the camera.


As somebody who’s worked on plenty of beauty brands over the past few years, I will assure you that the importance of inclusivity once crafting visual methods has ne’er been additional necessary than it’s without delay.

For beauty brands specifically, an absence of comprehensive content (and products) is complete suicide.

If you aren’t already that includes content that represents the planet that we have a tendency to sleep in, you wish to begin.

Brands that don’t embody Associate in Nursing correct illustration of our society can get left behind, Associate in Nursingd their visual social presence won’t give authentic expertise to users.


Teach your producers concerning optimizing post size.

Overwhelmingly, brands don’t seem to be posting the proper sizes that the platform needs, which lands up very moving a user’s mobile expertise and having a negative result on the post aesthetic.

Each platform has totally different best dimensions, and it’s an extremely easy normal that, once followed, sets your content apart.

You should not post a similar size content across any platforms, and if you’re, the user expertise is negatively affected.


Just as size ought to be the distinctive per platform, thus ought to the content you post.

The scope will certainly play an element here, however, still, it’s necessary that you just aren’t posting a similar issue across platforms for any given day.

It ruins complete credibleness, and is, IMHO, Associate in Nursing abusive user expertise.

Users visit totally different platforms so as to possess distinctive experiences, thus it’s necessary we offer that in crafting our visual methods.


Adding a kind treatment to your visual strategy may be a distinctive thanks to elevating your feeds.

It’s additionally an honest thanks to stunting on you or your producer’s artistic superior skill – and impress purchasers.

I see tons of firms that amend their style or sort treatments whenever they post.

This is not an honest visual strategy as a result of it doesn’t afford cohesive experiences.

A single sort of post is often repurposed multiple times with totally different mental imagery and words so as to realize larger for awareness, and a cleaner, additional recognizable social feed.


Like sort treatments, accent treatments facilitate maintain consistency and complete awareness as a part of a brand’s visual strategy.

Accent treatments area unit smart once utilized in place of the ever-so abused brand treatment that several businesses still assume may be a smart plan to position over a photograph on social media.

The avatar and name area unit already on the post, and for that reason, it’s overkill to additionally embody the brand.

This is wherever an easy accent with branded colors will facilitate maintain the consistency a brand is attempting, however failing to realize once value-added to posts.


Identifying the voice and tone for social posts facilitate elevate a brand’s overall visual strategy as a result of the copy is an element of the visual user expertise, and desires to be treated in and of itself.

Without the same, socially friendly vogue, it’s straightforward for your posts to sound like, and thus be treated by the algorithms as spam.

A style guide lays out the inspiration for the do’s and don’ts such as:

Not having a CTA in each post.

Never referencing slurs.

Always being grammatically correct.

These aren’t full-blown, ancient vogue guides and might typically consume only 1 page of a deck or method document, however, they still facilitate solidify your overall visual strategy by serving to implement a cohesive vogue and tone.


Within your vogue guide, it’s essential to include hashtag guidelines.

The apparently minor data format of a hashtag will have a significant result on user expertise.

For instance, if you’re still victimization multiple hashtags in Facebook posts, you alienate yourself from a complete demographic that understands however hashtags work and is aware that’s not the manner.

Additionally, if 1/2 of your Instagram posts embody the hashtags in an exceedingly separate comment, whereas the opposite 0.5 leaves them within the body of the post you’re not solely devastation the visual potential of the account, you gap up opportunities for alternative advertisers to decision out your mistakes.

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Another key part of the “mini vogue guide” ought to specialize in emoji data format.

In case you didn’t recognize, strategic use of emojis will increase post engagement across platforms, however, once not formatted systematically it will very messy along with your visual strategy (or lack thereof).

Should you place the emoji before or when punctuation?

Should emoji act as punctuation?

Should you place areas before Associate in Nursingd when an emoji, or solely before?

The answers don’t matter the maximum amount as victimization a similar data format when making text that’s acquainted and cozy for the user.


Because Snapchat is a smaller amount of a district of the combination than it ought to be (from my experience), it’s necessary to actually benefit from the visual offerings of vertical content on each Facebook and Instagram.

On Instagram especially, their area unit 2 very necessary compartmentalization opportunities that may solely be used with vertical content, and area unit bound to increase your brand’s awareness.

These opportunities area unit the Hashtag and placement story options.

When used, these options index your content in 2 extra stories, which may be a very strategic type of growth hacking that may have an immediate impact on the all-time low line.


Lifestyle imagery is a good way to instantly elevate the social feeds, this is if your consumer doesn’t have the scope for you or your team to digitally style each post.

Nearly each complete, despite what the vertical, has a chance to post curated lifestyle mental imagery.

These “brand in action” posts give an honest user expertise because:

They’re lovely.

They help users connect with the emotive feelings of employing a product or service.


Seemingly, post cadence is a lot of strategic than visual, the days that you simply post square measure relevant to the visual strategy.

For example, is posting an image of alcohol within the morning, or breakfast in the dark can have an effect on the expertise the user has after they see the image.

Being aware of the suitable post times the correlate to your styles or mental imagery is a crucial part of the general visual strategy.


This kind of content may be a gift to artistic producers everyplace.

This is really mainly for art administrators, exploitation of abstract content permits the main focus to stay alone on lovely mental imagery.

For copywriters, the puns will abound, as a result of who doesn’t love creating noble gas candy relate to nearly any business through artistic wordplay?


There’s definitely no such factor as an excessive amount of social non-standard speech.

When you actually visit another country, it’s customary to talk within the language of origin, therefore why wouldn’t you be doing constant factor on social media?

Using social non-standard speech makes your posts go any, and it’s amazing.


This strategy of generating your own content is one every of the foremost essential parts to making an all-around social media visual strategy.

The strategic parts that move into garnering user-generated content square measure several, and for one more post, however, the earlier your complete will create use of UGC, a lot of your audience can type meaningful connections together with your complete, product, or service.


Try using the native options of a platform that will increase engagement and impresses purchasers.

Visually and orally, these posts stand out and thus perform. several of the native post options, very important on Twitter and Facebook, square measure designed to urge the users to interact.

Tagging some locations will increase engagement by nearly seventieth and drive traffic as well.

It visually wows, whereas conjointly adding to the general diversity of your feeds.