Google’s antitrust battles: Here’s what you need to know


Google is the best and the most used search engine in the world, no contentment as people have conceived the idea of it being the most widely used tool in the world.

It recalled that two months ago, the search giant attracted the three antitrust lawsuits. According to findings, the latest filed by 38 states and terrorism on Thursday alleges the tech Giants search result favored its own services over those of more specialized rivals a tactic that harmed competitors.

Vividly, the bipartisan complaint also claims Google used its dominant position to become the default search engine not only on web browsers and smartphones but I’m newer technologies like smart speakers and connected cars.

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After 10 days that the lawsuits came, other states accused Google of engaging in false deceptive, or misleading acts while operating it’s buying and sell auction system for digital ads.

Earlier run, it also comes two months after the US Department of Justice filed a landmark lawsuit alleging that Google unlawfully boxes out competitors by reaching deals with phone makers, including Apple and Samsung to be the default search engine on their devices.

The legal actions, as well as a pair of complaints filed against Facebook, are the latest evidence of growing anxiety about the influence tech giants have over all aspects of our lives.

Legislators and regulators are concerned about how Big Tech’s power might ultimately harm consumers, especially by choking off competition from smaller players in Silicon Valley.

The US House of Representatives has hammered Google and other tech giants, releasing a scathing 449-page report on the companies’ allegedly anti-competitive practices.


You will not know what antitrust is facing with Google, Google dominance in web search, digital advertising, and smartphone software are the primary areas of interest to lawmaker and regulators.

The company has processed around 90% of all online searches in the US. This stranglehold is the foundation of Google’s massive advertising business which generates almost all of the company’s $160 billion in annual sales.

Google has been accused of hurting competitors by giving priority in its search results to its own products, like shopping ads or local business listings, over the listings of rivals. Critics also complain the tech giant takes content from publishers and other websites and uses it in prepared answers directly in search results, rather than simply providing a list of links that send users to other sites.


The case of the DOJ’s which was filed jointly by 11 state attorneys genera is narrow.

It alleges Google broke antitrust law by cutting deals with the device makers to be the default search engine on their devices, a move that blocked competitors.

Google, owned by Alphabet, also used the dominance of its Android operating system to pressure device makers to preload Google apps on their phones, the lawsuit says.

It says that another group of seven states reportedly plans to file a separate lawsuit next month to combine its the case with the DOJ’s. The states are New York, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.

The complaint focuses mainly on Google’s search and searches advertising businesses. It says Google harms rivals by cutting “exclusionary” deals with phone makers including Apple and Samsung to be the default search engine on devices. It’s part of a strategy to “lock-up” search distribution, the DOJ alleges.

The suit also gives new details about Google’s contracts with other companies. For example, Google pays Apple $8 billion to $12 billion in ad revenue a year to make Google search the default on Apple devices.

In 2018, Pichai and Cook met to discuss how they could work together to drive revenue, the lawsuit said. After the meeting, an Apple employee wrote to a Google employee, “Our vision is that we work as if we are one company.”

Apparently last year, almost half of Google’s search traffic came from Apple devices, according to the DOJ’s complaint.

The agreement is important that Google views losing it as a code Red scenario, the lawsuits say.

These is the battles following the antitrust and Google, the mismanagement, the troubles to allow customers to meet up with the competition


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