Google’s New App Policy is a Good and Badnews


Google’s new app policy is a good news for users and a not so good news for App Developers. For those of you including me who have experienced application crash after downloading and installing the app, this policy is good news for you.

Google has made a new Playstore policy to automatically down-rank applications with bad performance in the search results. This is to be achieved by embedding app quality signals in their ranking algorithms. That is, crashing applications or low rated applications have little or no chance to rise to the top of the ranking.

It’s part of a more general effort Google seems to be making to promote high-quality Android apps. Earlier this month, for example, it announced that it is using machine learning to identify apps that are behaving badly — e.g., by asking for more permissions than they ought to be. It has also created a whole new program called “Android Excellence” to curate apps the company thinks are good.

I say it’s a not so good news for developers because developers whose application do crash or is lowly rated would have to do more work than expected because they have to fix their app crashing problems and also try harder to get positive reviews and ratings from users. However, for users this is great news because this policy ensures that you are provided with the best apps in your search result which would help you not waste much data as usual.

Come to think of it,if applications with poor performance are down rated, what would Google do to applications that continually crashes?



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