iPhone 12 Pro Max review: big battery energy


iPhone 12 Max: Just like every other phone would have its spec, the iPhone came out with one big max that wowed people.

Yes, so many persons in the world were not contented with what iPhone has to offer, they needed more of the offer, they needed the features, they needed changes and wants to explore.

What does this iPhone 12 make you do? It helps your battery lasting, it is delicate, it is a powerful one that doesn’t need a power bank but on its own produce what is need

iPhone pro max battery is robust in nature, it helps especially the picture freaks to stay glued to their phones every 24/7 with each moment snapping and getting the bright color pictures in the phone.

This is a big phone with a big battery, outstanding cameras, and the largest screen ever on an iPhone, the 12 pro max deserves a spot in your pocket, this is if you can get it.

iPhone 12 pro max has a gigantic battery despite being only 2 grams heavier than last year’s 11 pro max, the iPhone 12 max feels even more solid and we’ll build.

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It was great news when Apple announced the iPhone 12 lineup, though there was a little confusion about which phones have which camera, but here how it all breaks down.

iPhone 12 Pro Max review:  big battery energy

Taking photos where there isn’t a lot of light is a weakness of any camera. And the smaller the camera (like the ones on a phone) the more this weakness is amplified. The cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max seem built around the singular goal of taking outstanding photos and videos in medium and low-light situations.

One way Apple has addressed this is to give the main wide-angle camera on the 12 Pro Max a larger sensor. Combined with an f1.6 lens, the new sensor gets an 87% improvement in low-light capability, according to Apple. On paper that’s impressive.

To help things further, the 12 Pro Max has sensor-based optical image stabilization instead of the lens-based OIS found on the 12, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro. By stabilizing the sensor, Apple claims you gain the equivalent of a stop of light, which again, on paper is impressive.

For the most part, all these claims seem true. The Pro Max takes great photos in low light, but when compared to photos from the regular 12 Pro, the differences don’t jump out at you right away. And that’s less of a strike against the 12 Pro Max, and more of an indication of how good the cameras are on the iPhone 12 Pro. We’ll be going much more in-depth on photos and videos from both phones in an upcoming camera comparison.

With iPhone pro max, everything is certain, you have all the outstanding features to explore, you have the camera to take tons of pictures and You have your game settings to bine all your games therein.

Apple has really evolved to the extent of announcing another big one which is the iPhone 12 pro max, this looks like the techno that now has Tecno spark5 pro max.

As the season changes, so are technology, information, people too also change. There’s no need lamenting the price because the price is not very far from the 11 pro max


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