Just In: Amazon Delivery App Mentor Tracks Drivers’ Locations And Measures Their Performance


Amazon designed its own in-house mobile app known as Mentor that it uses to trace the placement and rate the performance of third-party delivery drivers.

The app tracks a driver’s location the least bit times and additionally generates a daily score that factors into performance evaluations, with low scores doubtless harming a third-party delivery company’s relationship with Amazon for future contracts, the report states.

Amazon bills the app as a tool for up safety, however, each driver and privacy proponents worry the Mentor software package is additionally a tool for police investigation of drivers and as another type of pressure applied on the staff to confirm they’re delivering packages as quick as potential. Earlier this month, an associate Amazon promotional video announce online revealed a brand new initiative involving always-on security cameras from a firm known as Netradyne that ar} equally wont to monitor and measure a driver’s performance, inflicting alarm among privacy advocates.

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“Safety is Amazon’s prime priority. whether or not it’s state-of-the-art telemetrics and advanced safety technology in last-mile vans, driver-safety coaching programs, or continuous enhancements among our mapping and routing technology, we’ve endowed tens of ample greenbacks in safety mechanisms across our network, and often communicate safety best practices to drivers,” associate Amazon representative told CNBC.

Just In: Amazon Delivery App Mentor Tracks Drivers’ Locations And Measures Their Performance

As its operations have expanded, Amazon has more and more designed out its own delivery infrastructure, a part of that is that the delivery program (DPS).

This program contracts third-party corporations to assist with the last-mile delivery that, till some years past, was largely handled by corporations like FedEx and UPS.

Amazon uses its own drivers to assist with cost-cutting measures and to extend the speed and potency of deliveries, as a part of its broader effort to have and operate a lot of of its supplying chain with the purchases and leases of lading freighters and airplanes.

There have, however, been problems concerning driver and pedestrian safety.

Amazon has, in some cases, skirted direct responsibility for crashes, injuries, and even deaths at the hands of drivers delivering its packages to customers’ homes due to the contract nature of the work.

Still, the corporate has returned under attack for mistreatment software packages and alternative tools to place the speed of deliveries over potential safety issues.

As a result, Amazon has reportedly begun elbow grease increasing management over its drivers by managing their routes and watching their behavior the least bit times with the goal of up safety.

The Monitor app and always-on police investigation cameras are a part of those measures, tho’ some drivers are involved regarding however invasive.

Drivers have tried wrapping their phones in sweaters and storing them within the glove box of delivery vans due to however below the belt they’re dinged for normal procedures on the duty that the Monitor app mistakes for reckless driving, like marking a delivery as completed by choosing the phone up. “If your device moves the least bit, it’s reaching to count against you,” one driver told CNBC.

There are issues regarding the placement sharing permissions. Drivers are asked to transfer the app on their personal devices and to alter “always allow” location sharing, which has some drivers involved Amazon is overstepping its boundary with respect to driver privacy,


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