Just In: Parler Is Now The No1 App On App Store After Donald Trump’s Ban From Facebook And Twitter


PARLER:The users of these applications on small, conservative, social media platforms after president Donald Trump’s ban from the world’s largest social media networks, though the platforms are seeing access throttled by the app marketplaces of Tech’s biggest players.

This social network, PARLER, a network that mimics Twitter, is now the number one app in Apple’s store and grab, another conservative backed service, claimed that it was seeing an explosion in the number of sign-ups to it’s web_based platform as well.

On Friday, Parler saw approximately 210000 installs globally up to date from the analytics service sensor Tower. In the first time downloads on 1/8, up 355% from about 40,000 installations on 1/7.

Since on Wednesday, this app has seen approximately 268,000 installations from across U.S. app stores, a press rep from sensor Tower wrote in an email.

As it stands, Parker’s ballooning user base comes at a potentially perilous time for the company.

Noticed that it’s been removed from Google’s play store and apple is considering suspending the social media app as well if it does not add some content moderation features.

Gab and Parler have billed themselves as havens for free speech, with what’s perhaps the most lax content moderation online. In the past the two companies have left up content posted by an alleged Russian disinformation campaign, and allow users to traffic in conspiracy theories that other social media platforms have shut down.

These expectations with these services is that users on the platforms are in charge of muting and blocking trolls or offensive content, but just in their nature, those who join these platforms will generally find themselves among like_minded users.

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All their user count might be surging, but would be adopters may soon have a hard time finding the services.

Google said that it would be removing Parler from their play store immediately, suspending the app until the developers committed to a moderation and enforcement policy that could handle objectionable content on the platform on Friday night.

Google spokesman added.

In the long run to protect user safety on Google play, our long-standing policies require that apps displaying user generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that removes egregious content like posts that incite violence.

BuzzFeed News reported that Parler had received a letter from Apple informing them that the app would be removed from the App store within 24 hours unless the company submitted an update with a moderation improvement plan on Friday.

PARLER and CEO John Matze confirmed the action from Apple in a post on his Parler account where he posted a screenshot of the notification from Apple.

They added: we want to clear that Parler is in the fact responsible for all the user generated content present on your service and for ensuring that this content meets App store requirements for the safety and protection of our users.

It is noted that Parler backed by the conservative billionaire heiress Rebekah Mercer, according to a November Report in the Wall Street journal.

This service was founded in 2018 and has experienced spikes in user adoption with every clash between more social media Companies and the outgoing President Trump.

All the users including Fox business anchor Maria Bathroom and the conservative talk show host Dan Bongino, a wildly popular figure on Facebook who is also an investor in Parler, have joined the platform.

It is very important to note that Parler and Gab are not the only Companies to see users numbers soar after the Trump bans.

This company acknowledged that Parler was the #1 app on the iOS app store for two days surging from 18th on Thursday and 592 on Wednesday. In concluding, this app was the 10th most downloaded social media app in 2002 with 8.1 million new installs.

Though it is an event driven app, a company analyst noted that after events like the election, BLM protest, Twitter first applying labels to Trump’s Tweets, we see bursts of downloads and usage but it will then drop off.



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