Just In: Samsung To Produce 3nm processors at expanded Texas plant


Due to technological advancement, Samsung is reportedly going to expand the Texas plant.

Bloomberg also added that Samsung has plans of reconsidering spending over $10 billion to build an advanced new logic chipmaking plant in Austine.

Perhaps, this plant could yield processors as advanced as 3nm and will be a history that Samsung is Samsung third world to use extreme ultraviolet lithography Technology in its chip production.

If all these plans have proceeded, construction at the plant could start this year and will commence with an immediate effect in 2023.

The US-based Samsung fabrication plant will also provide Samsung a foothold in getting new contracts from the US Customers amidst ongoing trade tensions between the US and China.

This paradigm shift will also bring Samsung to compete with TSMC that manufactures chips for Apple including the 5nm processors found inside Apple’s latest iPhone andacs.

The TSMC is also making a huge investment in the US_Based plant, with the sum of $12 billion locations in Arizona that is expected to start making chips by 2024.

Regarding the statement that Bloomberg got, Samsung had specified that they are yet to make robust decisions about its plans for a new US facility.


Currently, Reuters is reporting that Samsung has intentions of investing $116 billion over the next decade into non_memory chips.

The chips that are produced in Austine are limited to people who are less advanced like 14_nanomwter process nodes, Nikkei added.

With this, Samsung has a plan to offer chips based on 3nm processor made Technology in 2022.

Noticeably, the South Korean Giant’s strength has been in memory chips for long.

According to Bloomberg, he added that the smartphone and computer processor market is more profitable.

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While the plans of Samsung are still in the preliminary stage, they’ve also taken action in most of their outwardly seen doings.

In December, Nikkei added that Samsung already had acquired a 440,000 square meter plot in Austin, where it’s had a manufacturing presence since the 90s.

City officials collectively began assessing the company’s request to rezone the land for industrial use last year.

Sealing this deal depends on Samsung’s compromising the controversial tax benefits and subsidies from the Biden’s administration, through Bloomberg reports it could actually proceed without them.

As the case may be, Samsung already manufacturing Chips for Qualcomm and Nvidia and also intending to sign a deal with Intel.

According to the Korea Times report, Samsung is likely to produce 15,000 graphics chips for Intel starting in the second half of this year at Samsung’s Austin plant.

The WSJ reported that the newbie Intel CEO Gelsinger _Pat has said that outsourcing might be part of the company’s future, she says that the company’s plan to continue producing the majority of its chips internally, it may somewhat outsource the manufacturing of certain technologies and products in 2023.

With this huge investment Bloomberg has noted that Samsung is planning to capitalize on the growing trends for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to design their own chips and outsource manufacturing to companies like Samsung and TSMC.

Samsung is also planning to make chips for other companies while producing its own Exynos_Branded processors for use in its smartphones.

All of these successes have not stopped the highly competitive market between Samsung and TSMC, which intends to invest $28 billion this year.


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