Just In: Xbox Game Hit Over 18 Million Subscribers


It is interesting to know that Microsoft is really immersing people in their Xbox Game pass service.

Reportedly in September, Netflix’s video game pass was now increased to 18 million, it has an added game of 18 videos.

It was one of a wow interesting that all the Xbox Game pass is one of the subscription services that will give access to a surging choice of not less than 100 Xbox games for $9.99 per month.

Over time, Microsoft has been supportive of Xbox Game Pass, and it is vivid that the company is heavily investing in its future.

As of last year, the game Pass second title had appeared on the Xbox and the service for Xbox and PC

On early earnings too that call today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also revealed that Xbox Live has more to offer like 100 million monthly active users.

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In Microsoft history, the most successful launch of the Xbox series X and S came with the most devices that were sold in launch month, Nadella added.

They are also focusing on these new trendy studio acquisitions to make content available on Game Pass.

Another parent of this company is Zeni media, which has invested so well in Doom and Fallout Studio Bethesda softworks. It is one big deal that will boost Xbox game pass in the future.

What Microsoft is doing is that, it
is offering the first month of the service for $1 and has been incentivizing Xbox Live Hold customers to switch over to Xbox Game pass ultimate subscribers also now get a month of this Disney plus for free, alongside other benefits.

These Xbox mighty Games pass ultimate subscribers also now get a month of Disney plus for free, with other benefits.

In a controversial situation, Microsoft recently had planned to increase its Xbox Live Gold cost in a move that was widely interpreted as an effort to push people into the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft was fast to reverse its decision, and Xbox Live Gold prices will remain the same for now. Free-to-play games will also no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.


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