Newly Improved: Check Out The Best Wi-fi Speakers


SPEAKERS: There’s nothing new in the wireless audio home, but the past few years have brought a proliferation of speakers that use Wi_Fi streaming as an alternative to Bluetooth.

This ability to control music in a multiroom Environment is one of Wi-Fi the biggest selling features, but almost all Wi_Fi speakers also offer voice control via a voice assistant including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

It is actually a challenge to find a budget speaker that doesn’t have microphones on board, but they all come with the mic switches, or you can opt for a dumb speaker like the Sonos one SL if you have privacy concerns.


If you have $100 a couple of smart speakers to choose from, such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, but if you want an affordable, musical speaker, it is Ikea’s Sonos range all the way.

It actually looks stylish and after calibration pulls way ahead of the Echo in terms of sound.

This Sonos speaker is not going to get your party started, but this dumb bookshelf speaker is perfect for backgrounds music or kids bedroom


Under $200, and with both Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Excellent sound quality, the Sonos one is the smart speaker to get and will please any music fan.

If you pair it with another Sonos one, you will have a flexible, high-quality speaker system that responds to voice commands for less than the price of the play5.

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Most problems with Wi-Fi speakers is that they don’t fit in with the rest of your decor. They are usually black in complexion and pretty boxy.

This speaker thinks outside the box and delivers a Sonos compatible lamp that sounds better than most speakers at the price.

It is not smart though will respond to Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa commands.


Apple FANS I’d be glad that they got a new version to flaunt with.

$50 off its original $350 price tag, the Apple HomePod is a lot more competitive with other Wi-Fi and multiple speakers.

It is an all in some sounding speakers options with plenty of spaciousness and deep bass.


If you are featuring a compact bar and excellent sound, the Polk TagniFi offers almost everything you need in a Streaming TV speaker, including CHROMECAST built-in.

The magnificent was chosen over the Yamaha YAS_209 because it offers s a robust multi-room system, but if you want Alexa built-in, the yahama is an excellent speaker.


This Wi-Fi delivers, the same basic convenience as Bluetooth connectivity, it can work with a subscription music service app such as Spotify via Spotify to connect it Apple Music, a radio service like Pandora or Tune.


Vizio has a reputation for making great budget equipment and the Vizio V21 is an excellent example. It sounds really good, and it’s super easy to set up. It offers Bluetooth, HDMI connectivity, and a separate sub, making for exceptional value. Read our Vizio V21 review.


With great sound, a compact size, and the option of either Google Assistant or Alexa, the Sonos One reaffirms its place as the best smart speaker for the money and packs a lot of punch for a little speaker. Read our Sonos One review.


There’s a thing called an extra screen in your house, if it annoys you, then the Google Nest makes it another good smart speaker.

This speaker is now in its second generation and offers all the same Google Assistant-enabled voice command as the rest, plus helpful extras like intercom functionality and stereo pairing with multiple minis.

The Nest Mini is also cute and comes in four colors. At $50, it’s the least expensive way to kick off your smart home without any sacrifices in voice control. The Nest Mini also makes for a good secondary device.

If you put a Google Nest Hub in your kitchen, you can put a Nest Mini in a different room, and both will be able to control any compatible smart devices you set up. Even if they both hear you, only the closest one will respond.


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