Pandemic Could Hinder Its Ability To ‘Maintain Corporate Culture’ In 2021 Google Warns


As Google prepares to call back staff to offices in 2021, it’s warning it’s going to take productivity and monetary hit within the method, in step with the company’s annual 10-K report.

Pandemic Could Hinder Its Ability To ‘Maintain Corporate Culture’ In 2021 Google Warns

The company, noted for its competitive, perks-fueled culture, employs one hundred thirty-five,301 regular staff associate degreed an equally massive contingent hands through third-party getting companies.

“As we have a tendency to prepare to come back our hands in additional locations back to the workplace in 2021, we have a tendency to might expertise augmented prices as we have a tendency to prepare our facilities for a secure come back to figure atmosphere and experiment with hybrid work models, additionally to potential effects on our ability to contend effectively and maintain our company culture,” the corporate states.

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Google, that first ordered employees to figure from point March 2020, has been acting on “hybrid” work models that embrace rearranging offices and determining a lot of long remote work choices, Alphabet business executive Sundar Pichai said in a Gregorian calendar month.

In Gregorian calendar month, it was rumored that Pichai sent an email to staff extending their work-from-home amount to Gregorian calendar month one, 2021 however it absolutely was depending on staff engaging from physical offices a minimum of 3 days every week and living among traveling distance from assigned offices. That was stricter than the remote work choices offered by corporations like Twitter and Facebook.

Government lockdowns might conjointly pose a“significant impact” on the flexibility of staff and vendors to figure fruitfully, the corporate superimposed within the filing. “Governmental restrictions are globally inconsistent and it remains unclear once a come back to worksite locations or travel is going to be allowable or what restrictions are going to be in situ in those environments.”

The company listed alternative potential adverse impacts from “prolonged” remote operating throughout the pandemic, as well as declines in advertising revenue, hardware demand, and sales leads in addition to challenges in supporting its services and preventing problematic content from showing on its platforms.


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