Have you Seen The Windows 10 bug that can corrupt a hard drive just by looking at an icon? Microsoft Is About Fixing It


MICROSOFT: When it comes to Electronics, one is not certain, especially when it is very effective.

Microsoft says it’s about to fix an outre Windows ten bug that would corrupt a tough drive simply by gazing associate degree icon.

Security scientist Jonas L first warned about the bug earlier in the week, describing it as a “nasty vulnerability.”

Attackers will hide a specially crafted line within a zipped file, folder, or maybe a straightforward Windows route. All a Windows ten user has to do is extract the nada file or just check up on a folder that contains a malicious route and it’ll mechanically trigger disk drive corruption.

Will Dormann, a vulnerability analyst at the sure thing Coordination Center (CERT/CC), confirmed the findings and notes that there might be a lot of ways in which to trigger the NTFS corruption.

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Dormann additionally unconcealed the vulnerability has existed in Windows ten for nearly 3 years, which he reported another NTFS issue two years agone that also hasn’t been mounted.

“We are responsive to this issue and can offer associate degree update in a very future unharness,” says a Microsoft voice in a very statement to The Verge.

use of this system depends on social engineering and as continually we have a tendency to encourage our customers to follow smart computing habits on-line, together with physical exercise caution once gap unknown files, or acceptive file transfers.”

Seems like it also can be triggered once you paste the command within the URL of a browser

Others have found that the vulnerability additionally happens if you merely paste the offending string into the address bar in a very browser.

Bleeping Computer has also tested the bug in a very kind of alternative ways, and notes that it’ll prompt Windows ten users to boot a computer to repair the corrupted disk records. The boot can trigger the Windows method, which ought to with success repair the corruption.

The repair method isn’t continually automatic, though. Dormann says it might need manual intervention to successfully repair the corrupted disk records.

The bug additionally doesn’t need admin rights to trigger or special write permissions. that would build a lot of problems for IT admins if chkdsk fails to mechanically repair affected drives.


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