SpeakerHat: Atari introduces a hat with speakers


Atari is popular for its classic home gaming consoles but the company is now venturing into the world of wearable devices. Atari’s debuting wearable isn’t a smartwatch, fancy belt or headbands. It’s a SpeakerHat, the name alone is a catch on. It’s a hat with speakers –not headphones but speakers. ​

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The Atari Speakerhat powered by Audiowear is the first product in the Atari Connected Life line. It’s just a baseball cap that has embedded speakers in the bill of the cap. The speakerhat also has a microphone and Bluetooth support for connecting to devices. Atari is marketing the speakerhat to a wide range of potential customers including ‘Sports enthusiasts’. Atari equally assures theirs customers of a new social audio experience with the SpeakerHat. ​

The speakerhat enables multiple uses to listen to a song from a single stream over bluetooth with it’s multi-player mode. But seriously, what makes it different from surrounding a speaker and listening to an audio stream. Well we would never know until we get one. I just hope we wouldn’t end up annoying the people around us with a sound blasting hat.

In this years Fall, Atari is set to launch a limited edition Blade Runner 2049 Speaker in patnership with collectibles organization NECA. So if you have got some extra cash to spend on a hat, this one is for you. And also, to my fellow music lovers, you wouldn’t wanna miss this.