Using the stairs just got easier with the Energy recycling stairs


dimsThe idea of an energy recycling stairs is overwhelming. Using the stairs is a minor inconvinence for some and a night mare for quite a few. Well, thanks to “energy recycling stairs” using the stairs just got alot easier. It is a relief to  the troubles of using the staircase could  come to an end. The energy recycling stairs helps one ascend and decend from the stairs as well as save ones energy. This new development will drastically reduce the stress of using the stairs for it saves 26% of ones energy as the spring loaded step compress when stepped on and supplies 37% of energy needed to ascend the stairs because the compressed strings are released so as to lift aid the lifting if the back leg.

Although this is primarily designed for the elderly, pregnant women and people who just had surgery to ease their to and fro movement one the stairs and avoid their relocation for a new apartment as a result of the staircase experience, it would also serve everyone especial those who hate using the stairs. The good news is that it can be installed on an already existing stairs temporarily or permanently.  Each stairs contains a spring and a sensor which reduces the amount of effort and impact of using the stairs by providing a cushion and brake.

Liu initially got the idea for the project when she attended a conference and saw an ankle brace that stored and released energy. Her 72-year-old mother has no problems walking but has difficulty climbing steps, and Liu knew she wouldn’t wear special sneakers just for stairs. So she decided to make smart stairs that act like the shoe. Unlike elavators and excalators, the energy recycling stairs should be a must have for all homes with stairs and affordable too.