Verizon To Double Its MMWave 5G Coverage This Year


As of October last year, Verizon launches its next-gen network and almost close to the top of the list of priorities in expanding coverage of its ultra-fast mmWave coverage. Currently, Verizon plans are to bring back 5G plans.

Though the 5G plans are restricted to some areas in the selected cities in the U.S and it is highly dependent on your accuracy, timeliness to Verizon 5G site due to the inherent technology that powers it.

It is marketed under the Verizon 5G Ultra Wide and (5G UW), this is actually a variety of 5G that has high speed though poor coverage, this means that Verizon has its work cut out for its expanding network coverage in 2021.

On Tuesday when the earning report was made, the company says that it plans to nearly double its 5G UW network this year by adequately adding more than 14,000 new sites.

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It may sound pretty confusing what a site means. Just adding a 5G UW sites sounds, in the theory, like it is a way to expand the coverage area of the services, at the least to make sure it improves the quality connection strength in an existing area of coverage, just considering mmWave tech relies on rigging up some Networks of antennas, power supplies and other equipment to help boost range and blanket areas that are right away. It is served by farther reaching and slower standard LTE and low_band 5G.

Apparently, most of the equipment is already showing up unannounced on the lawns of Houston Residents who don’t really have a say in if their slice of county owned yard has to play host to these ground fixtures, the automatic size of the cheat cooler.

It is unclear if Verizon plans to add test sites to improve the range and the consistency of the network in existing markets, to bring coverage to new ones entirely, or a mix of them both.

The company also added its robust plan to add 20 cities to its 5G UW coverage list, it is as well as 20 plus cities for its in-home 5G internet service. This project will actually be done through the site’s expansion to some degree.

Just recently, that is last month, Verizon surpassed its 60_city milestone for its 5G UW Network, and it was earlier this week, it was announced that prepaid customers can actually begin accessing its 5G UW network too.


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