Wow, Apple Include walking with celebrities to Fitness Plus’ features


APPLE: The surge in technologies is more or less a do or die affair, it is either you evolve while it evolves.

One thing about technology is that it gets to a stage where something is no more in Vogue and you need to just add other features to maintain its uniqueness.

With this, Apple technology is actually adding _celebrity guide workouts to fitness plus every Monday through the end of April.

Apple has actually added another easy to use a feature, called TIME TO WORK, it actually pairs shoes, music, and inspiring monologues from famous musicians, athletes, and actors with the exercise tracking that Apple watch and fitness plus.

And today’s launch also includes walks with Shawn Mendes, Dolly Patron, Drumond green, etc.

Apple plans out to work on episode features, this includes,_ personal, and life-shaping moments from each influential personal life and career, with lessons, memories, and some moments of Levity.

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This celebrity will inturn reintroduce s playlist of songs after their long talk to keep motivating themselves to go out for the rest of the walk and beyond.

Another interesting part is to note that, each episode was recorded as the celebrity guests walked in a place that was personally meaningful to them.

An example video that is allowed to appear at that time is a vivid video.

Technically, this time to walk new episode will be downloaded instantly to the fitness plus subscriber’s Apple watches and will play over Bluetooth connected to headphones.

The walkers will in turn know how to access these usual exercise metrics like time, space, heart rate, and distance.

Apple also added that this time to walk feature will display photos on your Apple’s phone about the watch to e to moments in each guest’s story.

This time to walk is called Time to Push for wheelchair users, and it relies on watchOS’s wheelchair workout tracking to provide fitness information.

When it comes to subject matter and tone, Time to Walk episodes sound like they’re more in the TED Talk school of inspirational audio than something you might hear on a laidback podcast, but for modellee of each star or influential guest, they might be worth a listen and carry on.